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Welcome to Elvanto

Welcome to the St Hilary's Network church management system.

Our regular attendees and volunteers have access to this system for service planning and rostering.

Select Login button up the top to login. You may wish to bookmark this page for easy access.


System access

If you don't already have an Elvanto account, send a request through on this form and we will get you set up ASAP.

If you do not remember your username or password, use this link to reset your password.


Member Area

Once logged in, you have access to update you and your family's details and privacy settings by selecting your name and then My Profile.

In the menu, you can also see groups you are associated with and services that you are rostered on for.


Admin Area

Service planners (including service leaders and band leaders) have access to the Admin Area to assist with planning services and adding songs.

Welcomers also have access to the Admin Area to assist with service checking in.


Privacy Laws
We are not bound by the current privacy laws as we do not match the criteria for organisations who are bound to the law, however we take privacy seriously and do our best to adhere to these laws. The principles we are committed to include:
- Data being stored securely 
- Data being accurate, up to date and complete
- Data is kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties (unless there is a legal requirement)
- Collecting data that is only relevant for ministry functions
- Users have access to update their personal information at any time
- Users can opt to not share their information or partially share their information in the Member Directory at any time
- Access to the Member Directory is only to be used for the purpose of ministry coordination and oversight (e.g. organising groups, service volunteer swapping)
- Use of the Member Directory binds you in agreement to the purpose of the directory
 (not for other personal or business opportunities)
- Breaching this agreement will result in loss of access to the Member Directory and any other necessary consequences
- Children under 18 years will not be displayed in the Member Directory
The full St Hilary's Network Privacy Policy is located on our website.